What or who we choose to read and listen to and how this can impact us

Hello hello and Happy New Year. Hope everyone is okay, different challenges for us all with continuing life in the presence of Covid-19 and I reach out to you all. January’s newsletter is all about being mindful of the choices we make regarding what we read, who or what we listen to, what we watch […]


“You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your systems”.    James Clear – author of Atomic Habits Where we are is a result of our habits.  The good habits are the ones that serve us in the long run. So, we can have great, worthwhile goals but […]


Hello, hello! How are you all doing during the ongoing pandemic and related restrictions?  It’s tough isn’t it? From being in touch with many of you, it seems we are all inevitably having up and down days.  Not being able to make plans is challenging, not to mention the health and financial challenges and general […]