“Since working with Emma, I’m more upbeat and I’ve been implementing weekly goals leading to a better quality of life and renewed energy” 


“The amount and quality of information and support on peri/menopause is spot on”


“The protected time you get to reflect with no distractions as a busy Mum is invaluable.  I’m already making changes and prioritizing myself”


“Love the nudge I get from working with Emma as my coach and not being told what to do.” 


“I wasn’t getting out of bed on some days, now I am.  This is a huge shift.”


“Emma creates an open and welcoming space where you can be honest and transparent.  I can see a clear way forward through a complex and difficult time.  I feel extremely comfortable discussing issues.  Would thoroughly recommend Emma’s coaching services to my friends and work colleagues.” 


“A huge help over the last 4 weeks, Emma is easy to talk to, patient and spot on with questions.  Emma should be available for everybody on Google for help with menopause and life, you are in the right place.  My coaching sessions have given me clarity of thought and the drive and motivation to give myself permission to get out of my own way.  I am now turning up to life and doing the things that I want to do with renewed energy. You feed off Emma’s energy in the sessions and she’s such a good listener.” 


I found life coaching incredibly positive and enlightening. The questions asked were so spot on that I surprised myself with the answers. I felt really listened to, organized and motivated by the end of our conversations.


Emma was interested in what I was doing without judging. I like the practice of the coach not giving advice but drawing the ideas out of me and to school my thoughts.


Since coaching began with Emma, I have a more positive attitude to eating and health. I have set myself some exciting goals, which I have already began to achieve. I am looking forward to pushing myself physically with the belief I can do it.