peri/menopause services

Let’s find YOUR own path through peri/menopause and beyond

  • Today’s the day you leave behind all the worry, stress and fear you have around peri/menopause
  • Today’s the day you give yourself permission to move forward with your life
  • Today’s the day you figure out what the next phase looks – and feels like – so you take the next steps with confidence.  It’s time for renewal.

I’m here to help you keep it cool through peri/menopause

Hi, I’m Emma, a life and peri/menopause coach. 

I work with smart, big-hearted women like you who feel confused or worried about the big shifts in your body, your mind and your life.

Most clients come to me resisting the idea of peri/menopause or feel scared or stressed out by it. Work with me, and you’ll figure out the right path through this time of your life.

More understanding about what’s going on (so you can embrace the changes)

Less worry, anxiety and confusion about what the hell is going on. 

My Peri/Menopause coaching is right for you if you: 

  • You want to take control of your own peri/menopause experience. 

  • You want to understand what’s going on and feel prepared for what’s next. 
  • You want to make your own decisions with confidence and the right knowledge to support them. 

  • You want guidance and support to make the right changes

  • You want to feel strong, confident and purposeful as you step into this new phase of your life. 

If this is you, you’re in the right place 

My peri/menopause coaching packages are empowering and confidence-boosting. I combine my qualifications and experience in life coaching with science-based knowledge and training in peri/menopause to help you reach your goals. 

Mentoring: to have the knowledge around peri/menopause health and wellbeing so that you can make positive decisions (and understand the reasons behind them). 

Coaching: to put changes in place and move through peri/menopause in a way that makes you feel in charge. 

By bringing these two powerful elements together, you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of what’s going on with you now, and how to manage and support yourself as you make your way through your future.

No more stress and anxiety about ‘the change’. It’s time to balance your energy and emotions for a life you love. 

Four ways to work with me 

I’ve created four specific packages of support to help you wherever you are in the peri/menopause journey (or if you’re supporting others who are). 


a 4 to 6 sessions of 1:1 support

1:1 Coaching to help you to reclaim your life through the challenges of peri/menopause. For women in their 40s and 50s feeling exhausted and stuck. I have you covered. Over 4 to 6 sessions in just 2 months you’ll go from frazzled to rejuvenated and turning up to life doing the things that you want to do with energy and joy. You’ll be spending more time doing the things you love to do and saying no to the things that weigh on your mental load. The new calmer you will flourish again, tuning into your body to navigate the cyclical rhythms of your cycles and hormones.

  • Manage symptoms
  • Optimise your lifestyle
  • Grow into your wiser self 
  • Feel energised for new soul adventures

Who Reclaim YOURSELF is for:

If you’re staring menopause and an empty nest in the face and thinking, ‘what’s happening to me?’ 

Big changes are happening to you – in your body, your home and your life. Reclaim YOURSELF will help you figure out what you want and need in the next phase of your life. 

You’ll walk away with a revived sense of self and new adventures (big and small) to look forward to.  


a 3-session package of 1:1 support

  • Symptoms tracker to get clear on your symptoms 
  • Mentoring to help you understand better nutrition and lifestyle, 
  • Support to progress through uncomfortable conversations
    • With your GP, family, partner, managers, staff
  • Coaching to make positive changes now so you feel in control

Who Prepare YOURSELF is for:

For those who are curious about peri/menopause and want to get prepared


You’ve noticed some changes in your energy, moods and lifestyle, and you’re sure this is the start of the peri/menopause journey. 

There’s a lot of info out there on menopause. Some of it is scary, some vague. Some is complete nonsense. Prepare YOURSELF gives you the knowledge you need to find your own path through this phase of your life. 

You’ll walk away with knowledge and self-confidence and create a path through peri/menopause that feels right for you

Better Menopause at WORK

workshops & webinars for the workplace

  • Support yourself, your colleagues and/or staff 
  • Guidance to have positive work-based conversations around
    • Menopause, symptoms, health & wellbeing, time off, self-care managing workloads, communication, practical workplace adjustments, optimising energy and downtime
  • How to contribute to other’s peri/menopause experiences (and look after our own) at work in a safe space
  • Shape a positive, inclusive peri/menopause culture to empower and support women in this phase of life 

Who Better Menopause at WORK is for:

You employ or are responsible for the well-being of women and people in the workplace. You want to foster an open and progressive culture around peri/menopause, so staff feel supported in this area of their life. 

You’ll walk away with ideas and tangible actions to create a flourishing, open culture toward peri/menopause for women of all ages in the company.

Better Menopause Community PROGRAMME

group coaching programmes

And #themenopausecollaborative

Coming in 2023

Currently looking to make connections with inspiring and positive coaches in the peri/menopause/women’s health and well-being space to collaborate with and help me deliver high-value programmes for clients.